The keyboard repeat characters I type before when Input Chinese


When I type s, then h, It shows ssh.
When I type s, then h, then u, It shows sshshu.
Each time it will repeat last time I typing.
Pls, check out the screenshot.

This only happens when I type Chinese.

I have tried many ways like restart my Mac, Log out webflow then log in.
Log another webflow account. All doesn’t work.

Pls, help. Many many thanks~

Here is my site Read-Only:

I got this issue as well.

It doesn’t happen a month ago, whatever input methods I tried, a third party one, the native one installed in macOS, or the Google Inputs, the characters keep repeating. The only way I can do is typing it on sublime or browser URL field and paste.

It would be great the WebFlow team can fix it as soon as possible. This issue is super annoying :frowning: