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Thanks Webflow for 5 years!

I just wanted to thank everyone in this community and everyone over at Webflow for making this app such an awesome one and for everyone contributing to keeping this dream alive!

I joined Webflow just over 5 years ago, Sept 14, 2013, according to when I joined the forums even though it was probably couple of weeks before that when I discovered Webflow. I stumbled onto this while trying to make a website for my friend’s restaurant. I wanted something mobile ready and google lead me here. It’s been a blast ever since. Webflow allowed me to take my print and graphic design background and finally apply it to the web without going back to code school (praise the beer gods!) I’ve been able to do this full time and while it’s a struggle sometimes finding reliable clients, the freedom is great and the a ability to be creative every day is amazing for someone like me.

Well that’s all from me for now, I just wanted to say thank you to all the people in this community who have helped me along the way!

@Waldo @bart @cyberdave @PixelGeek @callmevlad @jmw @vlogic @samliew @anais @vincent and everyone else who I may have missed or forgot their handle.

Love you all and I hope to be here for many more years (decades I hope) as Webflow continues to grow and takes over the world!! (evil laugh)


So glad that you’re here and part of our community @DFink :webflow_heart:

Thank you for helping Webflow to be a better product! I know I speak for all of us when I tell you how thankful we are for your continuous feedback. Keep up your awesome work, it’s been incredible to watch you grow and learn so much each year! :smile: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :rocket:

Here’s to MANY more years ahead :purple_heart: :webflow_heart: :smile:



to the beer gods! it’s great to have you here, @DFink


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Congratulations, I’m here celebrating with you (Aug 2013) :smiley:


Aww, thanks Waldo! It’s been an awesome community to be a part of!!

You beat me by a month!!

I hope to have a beer with all of you one day!

Hell yeah! Come on out — we’d be glad to have you :slight_smile:

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It’s gonna happen sooner or later!

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Hey @DFink I’m celebrating with you as well I joined Webflow Jul 31, 2013. Hoping that maybe us oldtimers that been with the community from the beginning could meet irl someday, tho would had been fun.

4 years and counting for me (June 2014) :smiley: :raised_hands:

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Hey Webflowers… Great to be part of the Community since / Dic.2013 . Keep on going Webflow :palms_up_together::banana::webflow_heart::webflow_heart::webflow_heart:

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I really wish we had this at my previous startup, where I had to guilt-shame people for code reviews