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Text under video-code

how am I right edit text under video-code? Transform

Can you please specify your exact problem and question? Thanks! :grinning:

text must under video.
How can I edit?

Hi @Loll, since the video is actually an embed with the video having absolute position, I would suggest to give the container a height for example 620px at Desktop with relative position.

Next, give the paragraph an absolute position, with a bottom anchor:

This results in, for example the following:

This is just a workaround, to get better results, I would try to use a background video widget or regular video widget built in to Webflow. That way you do not need to fool around with the absolute positioning.

your help is very good :smiley:

how can I edit text at the same time it brings to video?

Hi @Loll, well with the absolutely positioned video, i would change the embed code to also use a fixed height the same on each viewport, to match the height of the container.

In order to have the text align automatically with the video, then the video must use relative position or auto and the paragraph also set to relative or auto positioning.

The video is resizing because the width is set to 100% and resizing when the viewport changes. The text is not, because the container has a fixed height.

Have you tried to use a background video widget in Webflow? I think that might solve the issue.

I will try to be precise. Did not work out :neutral_face:

Hi @Loll, thanks, Take a look at my video, it may help:

On mobile, background video does not autoplay and does not present a play button. If you want the video on mobile then the embed is needed after all, so if you can re-share the link path to the video that you originally used, I will look at that further.

I hope this helps.

video is not right, text is not right too.
I want that video still size 100%

Hi @Loll, ok thanks, I am going to make a example site, and use a test video. Once finished I will update you.

when will you update me?

when will you update me?

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