Background video and text issues

Good morning, can someone if possible help with figuring out an issue with text not overlaying properly over a background video that I want to make as the header? I used 56.29% for upper padding for the aspect ration however it pushes the text all the way down. When I toggle the preview it has a slight scroll which I dont want. I would like it to have 100vh if possible. Also the background video plays on desktop and tablet but nothing lower than that on the breakpoints. Please help, thank you.

Hi @jtorr19,

don’t use a background-video element as a wrapper. Put your “background video” and your “container” in a “div”. Than you set your “container” to “relative” and give it some positons.

I will try that but Im trying to figure out how come on webflow tutorial for this he drops text on the video and and make the video as flex with no proble. Even Jose Ocano does the same with no issue. Just trying to figure that out and also why isnt my video playing on mobile breakpoints. Please advise

Video turns into image at mobile by default I believe. Can you change that to be different in the video settings by clicking the cogwheel?

I actually tried different videos and it remains the same.