Text style errors on updated Chrome

Hello guys,
after the last chrome update my android device
shows errors with some text style on webflow.


Any ideas?


It’s maybe not a bug, and not a big deal either

Here’s a text that doesn’t change in size:

Because it’s set with vw, so as the screen don’t change in size, font-size doesn’t change either.

Here’s a text that has your ‘bug’

Its size is set by % so it takes its size… from the body. let’s look at the body

The body is set at font-size 100%, so in fact it relies on your browser. Your browser decides what default size it uses, and vary it if the user select “small”, “medium” or “large” text in the settings.

So either chrome changed its defaults, either you have changed the text zoom settings.

Easy fix: set a fixed size oon the body. Like 16px.

thank you very very much for the exhaustive answer.
The webflow community it’s just fantastic.



I modified the font-size of the body from percentage to pixels. The “bug” is still there (check the “read more” text in the Hero Button.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you


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