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Text over image disappears when adding a hover state to the image

Hi There,

I have the following structure setup:

I added a hover state to the highlighted image (AK img) to make it scale on hover.

However, when previewed, the text on top of that image (in the Park Text Div) disappears on hover.

My question: How can I have the image scale on hover, without losing the text above?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Is your Z index being changed on hover too? Z index works like layers in Photoshop for example.

Hi @bduffley

Could you provide a read only link so that we can take a look at your project?
Here is how:

Thanks! :slightly_smiling:

Hi @DharmaNode.

I can not post the url yet because it’s confidential for my client. That’s why I tried to screenshot my divs above for help.

Hi @Jonathan,

I checked, and no, the hover is only on the X & Y. Z is set to 1, which I believe is the default.


Maybe try adding the hover effect to AK Img Div instead of the image itself.

Maybe try increase the Z index of the text that’s disappearing just to see what happens.

Save your Webflow project and open it again and see if that resolves it. Just brainstorming here.

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Thanks for those suggestions, Jonathan, but neither of those worked for me. Any other ideas?

Hmm. Sorry, nothing else comes to mind. It’d really help to see the project.

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