Text loop animation- fine tuning

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I’m struggling with fine tuning a simple loop animation on some parts of the text. It’s almost there but not entirely sure how to polish it off. Most likely, it’s to do with the move action. It would be great to get some insights into how to solve it and learn from it for the future cases!

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Here is my public share link: Text Loop Animation
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Set fixed height to all text items

Set text container fixed height of the text item

Wrap all text items to separete container inside Rotate Text Wrapper
Now, set animation to move text container up every few seconds the height of the text item (32.22500228881836 px)
Set animation to loop

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Hi Ove,

Thank you so much for the reply and for getting me through your thinking step by step- really appreciate it!

Your suggestions almost work! Ive amended it all as per your instruction but it’s still not quite there yet. When I preview the animation, I get a glitch of the first word ‘social’ above the main body of text. Also, is there a reason why you decided to go with pixels rather than another type of measure? It would be great to have it fairly responsive to other screen sizes.

If you have a moment to have another look at it, it would be fantastic! Thank you so so much once again:)

You can use any units actually.

Try this way.

Hi Ove,

Thanks for the link to your Loom- it looks like youre putting the last move action to 0 which I think is the key. However, as you can see in my Loom, there is still some weird skipping at the end of the loop. I did remove the 5th text which was the repeat of the first one- shall I keep it?


Yes, you should keep it. It resets the animation to the initial state, so it can loop


I’ve tried to use this webflow site (Infinite Text Rotation / Changer (Seamless Loop) - Webflow) as a base for my website. I’ve set it up the same way but it’s still not working. The animation that happens in the middle is working all well- it’s the beginning/ending/looping that’s not there. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks once again.

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