Adding a rotate animation to an infinite loop

Hi, I successfully created a smooth looping animation where all of the contents scroll across the screen. However, I can’t seem to combine an animation where I make each glyph rotate simultaneously. Ultimate goal is to make each star glyph rotate 360 degrees during the horizontal scroll. Also would like to alternate direction of the rotation for each glyph. Any help or hints appreciated :pray:

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - High Vibes)

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I was able to get this working, this animation is set on the glyph element.

Thanks, so I need to create a separate animation for this? If so, pls explain why so I know for next time.

A separate animation was just my way of solving it, you could tinker with adding the rotations to your infinite loop animation if you want to. I didn’t really look at that animation so I can’t say whether or not it would prevent the glyph rotate animation from working.

Hi why do you need the duration of .01 secs on the initial state? It doesnt work without it and I’d like to understand why.

I had to set the duration to something really short because I want that first action to be the ‘initial state’ without checking the Initial state checkbox which would break the looping. So to get around that by setting the duration of the action to be really short it allows the loop to reset back to the beginning without there being a noticeable lag because it rotates back to 0 degrees basically instantly. Does that make sense?

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