Text Input Box With Cloud Backup/Sync

I am attempting to create a text input box on the main page of my site that will allow me to input text that will then sync to a cloud service and remain in an editable state when I access the site from another device.

Basically just like a Google Doc embedded in the page.

The site I am building will be a personal productivity app (just for myself at this point) where I can sign in and input information which can then be accessed again and interacted with from my phone and work computer.

It seems like this ought to be so simple but I have had so much trouble as I have tried to achieve this.

A webflow form doesn’t work because it simply submits information. I have worked with webflow logic beta to send a form directly to the CMS and have the CMS collection appear on the page below, but its a pretty big workaround and I’m still not sure if there would be a way for me to then edit those CMS items once they have been submitted. And alll of that really defeats the purpose of having a place to quickly access and input info.

I have tried embedding google docs and other apps but they either fail to load on certain devices or run into permissions issues in the browser.

I feel like I have to be missing something simple here.

Is there a simple way to create just a single text box on my site that will hold text in an editable state so that it is accessable on any device?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - TT2K