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Text colour help calendly


Can someone help me with changing colour font from Calendly?

It shows the default font colour - I just want to the font colour to be white…? I have styled it in the style panel and on the code with no luck!! Please help

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @Kajv - Can you unlock the “new-home” page so that we can see it with a browser, or provide a password to the page? Scripts won’t render in the designer. Then we could take a look.

hiya it’s ROyalDW123

sorry it’s RoyalDW123

You have a more specific rule that is overriding your .appointment class rule. You could set the style for that element in your custom code embed.

<a href="" onclick="Calendly.initPopupWidget({url: ''});return false;" style="
color: #FFFFFF;">Schedule time with me</a>

Another method would be to have a link on a styleguide page with a class and rule. Then add that class to the anchor. Then you could control the look from the styleguide page.

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YOU’RE the best!! Thank you so much! :raised_hands::grinning:

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Great. Glad to help. I marked my answer as the solution to your problem. In the future, that is something you can do when someone provides a solution to your problem. Have a great day!

Thank you. Your code helped me with button text color, but how can I get rid off underline? Thank you in advance.

@d.ts - You could modify the link with an additional style rule of text-decoration:none as shown in the code block below.

<a href="" onclick="Calendly.initPopupWidget({url: ''});return false;" style="color: #FFFFFF;text-decoration: none;">Schedule time with me</a>
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Many thanks :slight_smile: