Calendly text popup integration design


I’m struggling to format the HTML embed text for my Calendly text popup integration.
My goal is to have the text appear as white underligned text.

However, it appears that the HTML embed is text is not inheriting the format from the container.
When I try to override formatting by editing the format at the HTML embed level, it works for text size, weight, etc but not color… I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

Project in read-only: Webflow - Popwork 2.0

Go to Section #4 > Chat bubble 2 > HTML embed

Staging site here:

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Johann_Molinari, how exactly have you tried editing the CSS? Have you created a separate block with opening and closing style tags inside the Webflow Embed or maybe as inline inside the a element? Or are you changing things on the Webflow Embed element within the Webflow Designer?

Inline would look like this <a style="color:white;" href="" ... >Book a demo now</a>

You could also try adding !important like this: a {color: white !important;}.

I have not used Calendly so far, but there might be an option to change the color within the Calendly Dashboard.

I can’t verify these myself, as I can’t publish the site within the read-only. Any changes will only be visible on the live site. Let me know if any of my suggestions work.