Text Block Not Wrapping in Accordion


There was an Accordion tutorial by Waldo here that helped me create and clone an accordion for an FAQ page. It works great, but I’m finding that the text block on Landscape and Portrait modes do no wrap. I have the text block as an inline-block with 100% width and a parent div block as display: block with 100% width. Is this a bug with the text block inside the accordion or am I just missing something in the Styles panel?


Here is the Read-Only link to my page (find the Frequently Asked Questions page): LINK

Here is the Read-Only to the Tutorial: LINK

Any help or insight into this would be appreciated.


Try add this to custom code section
<style> .w-dropdown-toggle { white-space: normal; word-wrap: break-word; } </style>

It wont show in designer, but on published site should wrap.


Works great, Throatscratch! Thanks for the help :smile:

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