Text block color not changing in mobile output (published site)

Text block color not changing as in webflow design. It is showing a link color in the published site for the phone number I entered and working for the same class above for the mail ID.

Here is my read-only link (the situation is in the bottom section of the home page):


Here is the published site link which is responsive too, you can check, pls


Hey @Shamnad_U_P, I’m quoting @vincent from this post here:

To remove all auto-formatting for telephone numbers, add this in your Dashboard on Custom Code in

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">

Phone numbers should be manually format as links then:

<a href="tel:1-408-555-5555">1-408-555-5555</a>

Try this out and let me know if it works for you.

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Hi @choreus ,
I can’t add custom code for now, since I’m a beginner and I don’t have a site plan right now. thanks for your help.

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I understand. Alternatively, try following the video from @magicmark in this thread. You’re going to need to restructure this part of your website. In short: Wrap your phone number in a Link Block and link the phone number in the appropriate format in Element Settings.

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Thanks, @choreus and @magicmark, This really helps.

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