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Phone number link color on iPhone

Hey everybody!

Phone numbers on my sites are shown (link) blue and underlined on mobile. Any way of making them look like they do in the designer?

Now they look like this:

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hello there :wave:

The iPhone adds this for the User experience. It lets them know they can click that number and call you easily.

Of course that doesn’t always match our style, so:
You can add the number as a link, style it accordingly by giving it the heading class as your other headers have, and then in settings you can select it as a phone number.

This will make sure that the styles are applied, while it’s still a clickable phone number.

Bear in mind when you do this though as it will match other headings (that can’t be clicked) the user may not know they can click it, which could lead to a frustrating UX.

Video :video_camera:


Thank you so much magicmark!

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