Font color not displaying properly on Safari (Mobile)

Hi all,

I know Safari has problems when displaying certain things, but this one is so simple I’m a bit clueless.
It looks like a specific style seems to be overridden.

I built this footer with these three contact elements that I want in black and white. But for some reason, the phone number text turns black on Safari (only on iPad and iPhone, on desktop works fine).

This doesn’t happen on Chrome and as you can see, the same style is applied to the email address which is displayed well (I only added a combo class to the phone to make the background size slightly shorter).

I also did a test changing the bg color to blue to check if the text was being displayed at all, which is, but in black instead of white as it should:

Any ideas on what am I missing here?


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Ok so, in case someone stumbles upon the same issue, someone helped with a trick that solved the issue.
I simply turned the phone number into a link also (although it didn’t need to be a link). But for some reason, when it’s a link Safari doesn’t mess with it.