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Text blip when published

Hi all,
I am working on a site for a client and I have noticed when the site is published when some of the pages are loading the text seems to jump? Is there any way to stop this?


Here’s a link to the site:

Hi @GotoTaylor, try to paste the following code into the header of your site, then save changes and republish:

.wf-loading * {
    first things first, we need to hide everything,
    but bear in mind that this will only take effect
    once the loading script has taken effect.
    here we're hiding all content within
    the <html> once it has the class "wf-loading"
    opacity: 0;

See this article for more info: Flash of unstyled text - fallback fonts loads initially then switches to google font

I think FOUT is happening here in this case. I could be wrong.

Thanks for the reply this seems to have fixed the problem although now when I go from page to page it goes complete black for a few seconds before the page comes up and doesn’t look very smooth :confused: any thoughts?

Hi Dave,
I’m having almost the same issue as GotoTaylor, it doesn’t go black out but the entire page reloads/flashes when selecting the Nav Links.
As recommended, tried this:

body { -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; }

Though no change

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