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Text area height

Hi guys!

How to set text area height

Text area in a form? You set a specific height to it in the settings where you specify height and width.

In chrome on mac nothing changes when i specify height in setting panel for text area in form :slight_smile:

Ah, you need to specify a minimum height. Set it to 200px and you’ll notice a change. :smile:


Oh, thank u very much Steven, i don’t specify min height :smile:

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Hi there,

The solution you gave did not solve the problem for me, because setting a minimum height does enlarge the box, but the input text stays on a single line and does not fill the box (I tried pasting in a few paragraphs and I get a LONG single line of text in the middle of the box):

Didn’t you have the same problem? Or am I missing something to get the text filling the box, instead of staying on that single line?
Thanks, cheers :slight_smile:

I was using an “input” field instead of a “text-area” field, didn’t realize about those toolson in the “Add element” section , duh!
Thanks Vincent! : Positioning of form input text

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