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Text animation without interaction?

Hi all,
I came across the cloneable site and really like the layout. Only problem is I can’t figure out where the text animation comes from… there are no interactions set, no transforms, and no custom code. Am I just missing something? I’ve looked everywhere and I cannot find where the animations are set.

Here is the link to the cloneable website showcase:


Me too, cannot find anything. It has to be a bug in the designer? Or is it possible to export without ix? I dont think so…


Yeah I didn’t think it was possible to export it like that either. I looked through the source code of the site and found "h1-data-ix=“show-by-load-wait-1s” spanned around the heading text which I’m assuming is a Webflow interaction but I still can’t find this interaction anywhere in the designer.

Hoping someone might have any insights, never encountered anything like this before.