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Testing '' not possible yet in 'free webflow plan'

Hi everybody of webflow
I was very interessed into testing a webflow setup,
look to this video with many thanks for pixelgeek Nelson and two 23years old guys!
but I miss the latest step: how to add custom ‘header’ code?
Can webflow add this for free for always to add header-code…
why is it so imported for webflow that webflow-header code is ‘hided for free plan’?

Thanks to help me because I’m teacher and I want to give lessons to all students to test this possiblity in a free account… (not a teacher account)

Thanks to make this possible webflow-team

@KarelRosseel82 - A feature of a plan or a lack of one is NOT A BUG. Please only use the bugs topic for its intended purpose.

Want to use custom HTML and CSS? Get a paid site plan. Pretty simple.

Just to clarify, Memberstack is not affiliated with Webflow and is a third-party platform. You can use their platform to test their capabilities for free. However, in order to add custom code to your Webflow project, you’ll need either a Lite, Pro or Team account plan or add on a site plan to your site.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

thanls but pitty that webflow hodes the header custom code…
maybe the can put the setting ‘open’ for free plan…
suggestion @PixelGeek you maybe can ask because it is a nice tool!

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