Problem 'custom code' : clone not possbile into 'team'-project

Hello I’m teacher webflow in Belgium, @mariahkellyyy made this possible for me.
But @Lindapham this is not yet possible for students: they want in a ‘free account’ to clone in my team a copy of a webflow-website:
and when they want to copy=clone a project into my ‘team’ , the clone only comes in there own account in stead of ‘the team’ , but then the students has no possiblity to use ‘footer custum code’ … so I can not teach with template-clones: Can Webflow make this possible? Thanks!
I want to let students to copy this tracking system: (look to the footer custom code they need to use on minute
but this is not possiblie: ‘cloning’ is only in there own projects…

What can I do fix this…

Please let it be possible Webflow-team

please look to the movie made by @rileyrichter : minuut 38.52

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