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Test Lightbox Beta

@bryantay, thanks a lot for your feedback and others too, this most certainly is helping, and sorry if the responses are not immediate, there is a lot of work going on under the hood :smile: We take all the feedback into consideration, and this is the right place to leave that :smile:

To everyone that can’t get CTRL +E +L in chrome to work (as it keeps doing the question mark and highlighting it in the url bar). Simply open the chrome console (f12 and click on console), paste the following and hit enter:

$("body").keydown(function(e) {

@flash_invisio possibly: @TStanwood, (@)Daniel_Ace

NB this will disable keyboard key defaults for the page so you won’t be able to type without bringing up an onscreen keyboard, I’m sure you can do if e.keyCode == # but it isn’t working for me.

Really excited about the lightbox. Thanks!
Everything looks good on my laptop, but the images (regardless of size) have a ton of black space above & below on my ipad. Is this something I’m doing?

Also, I know its still in beta, but for planning, do you have any ballpark estimate when the lightbox feature will support video’s. weeks? months?

Thanks for listening to your users guys!

Only a quick desktop test so far, seems sweet for an 80/20 solution for galleries. Nice!

One small tweak that would be nice: Clicking the image on stage always advances forward. It’s become pretty common for the left side of a gallery image to move back, and right side to move forward. If that’s not too hard, it would be a good thing to have.

Hey @ramatsu do you want clicking on the last image it will jump you back to the very first one? Or just when clicking on different “halves” of the image will take you to the corresponding image (left or right)?

We considered this feature, but learned that it’s a much simpler and straightforward UX to be able to just click on the whole image to go to the next image vs having to know which part of the image to click on (can get confusing for some users new to using the lightbox that way).

P.S i’ve given a lot of feedback but not getting much response. I hope the feedback is helping and the team is taking it all into account.

We hear ya @bryantay!

Hi @thesergie, I was referring to the second one (left and right halves for back and forward), but on looking for a good example, I’m finding it’s not nearly as common as it once was. Could be due to usability as you suggest, especially since it relied on hover to make it easily discoverable, and that doesn’t translate to mobile. So, I guess that one is a “never mind.”

No strong feelings on the question of whether the gallery should loop at the end, though I tend to always enable that at least until I discover the answer to “why not?” (It’s an option now on the slider, so I guess I assume it would be handled the same way?)

I would like to add a +1 on question of if the gallery should loop at the end. :smile:

We’re trying to figure out what is causing this on mobile devices. So far it’s looking like a hairy problem that will delay the official lightbox launch. We’ll keep you guys posted.

Looking really great! I’ve been holding out for this feature for a while; super excited to see it nearing release.

I really like the fade+slide animation; I’d love to see it as an option for standard sliders.

Is the modal window widget going to be out this week along with the lightbox?

Does… or can the lighbox take advantage of HiDPI images?

A modal is a widget with totally different usage paradigms, so that’s a separate project altogether. We do have plans to work on it though. Thanks for your patience!

Does… or can the lighbox take advantage of HiDPI images?

@bryantay Yep. So currently the images you upload will be the images served to to the customers. If it’s hidpi then the customer will get a hidpi image.

Very good job friends! It works like a charm. I love the minimalistic style specially the no border videos. It´s a big step to get a perfect Lightbox tool. Congratulations!


Thanks! It’s not perfect quite yet. There’s more we want to do to make it even better! For now this will do. :slight_smile:

I have tried activating this feature in but it always select the address bar…I cant get it to work. Any help guys

Hi, @dannesh, this is no longer in beta, so you should not have to use a keystroke combination to access the new Lightbox as described on our blog posting. Check that out and if you are still having issues, please let us know. Cheers !!!