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Ten Foot User Interface

Hi. I am finding myself more and more fascinated with the ten foot user interface. I would like to design a test site using a ten foot user interface. It would be really cool if one of the awesome webflow experts would do a tutorial for it. Maybe just start by doing a rebuild of the website using webflow, or building a page using the human interface guidelines from android tv or something. In the meantime, if anyone has any links to help me get started, or any tips or advice, i would be much appreciative! Thanks!

Hi. This is very general Q. Depend on the design you want. This is a page without container - fixed sidebar + some open interaction and thats it.

Your Youtube link - is not responsive site:

Page transition - by some Ajax (No page refreshes) - This is task for developers (In general - start from simple page - not youtube)

Also her you have a lot of layout ideas:

Thanks for getting back so quick. My main concern is actually how to make it so that pressing the arrow keys on one’s keyboard moves around highlighting the various things on the page, and pressing enter should avtivate them. I should have mentioned this in my first post as that is my biggest obstacle, i believe. i feel like the web on tv’s should be as open as the web on the pc and phones. the only way that happens is if more and more people start designing for it, and making it available in the browser. anyways i am going to take a look at the links provided now.

How do i make a page which can be navigated with keyboard arrow keys?

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