🌟 [TEMPLATE] Webflow Newsletter Template

Hey Webflowers, happy Wednesday! :wave:

I’m launching a newsletter focused on highlighting the best new cloneable projects every week! It’s amazing how many well-built and beautiful projects get released all the time. I hope this project will help their creators get the attention they deserve!

The first newsletter goes out really soon! :tada::e-mail:


Also! This project is cloneable. All of the animations are done in Webflow. Interactions + Lotties.

Hope everyone has a nice week! :grin:

P.S. - this was my first project using the Wizardy method by Timothy Ricks LOVED IT! Thanks, Tim.


This is awesome! Cant wait to start getting this informaiton.

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Congrats on the launch!! :tada:

Great idea. I’m signed up :v:t4:

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Hurrah! Thanks, Sam :grin:

Awesome @DuncanHamra ! Signed up. Great idea and execution.

I did notice a small bug on the site with the confirmation:

Hope that helps.

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Thanks so much for the kind words and screenshot. I’ll make the fix right now :grin:

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