Telephone link breaking into a new line

I have a line of copy such as “telephone number: 1-888-567-7886” when in mobile the line breaks and makes the telephone number appear not altogether in one line.

I am using a text field in a collection to manage and populate this content. If I use a Rich Text I can add a Line break, the problem is that I cannot use a Rich text to populate the content on the field, it seems only Plain Text is allowed to be used.

Question: Is there a way to force the number to “stay together” when pushed into a new line?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Your read-only link is not correct:

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I’m assuming you should size down the text for the mobile breakpoint though.

Your link doesn’t work. But by the sound of it, you prob just need to set the text Breaking to “No Wrap”.

Correct, I did not added a link to the page.

The line break happens in more than one element, sizing down is not a solution that I would like to do.

No Wrap - will keep the ALL the copy in one line. ex. “telephone number: 1-888-567-7886” what I want is that is able to add a line break inside the paragraph, just before the actual number so stays together in a new line.

In responsive should look like this:

telephone number:

easier to accomplish if it was not connected to a multireference field inside a collection.

The collection shouldn’t affect it at all. Try setting a wrap on the container it’s in, or create two separate text blocks. Two blocks will give you more flexibility in making it responsive.