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Text overflowing layout

Good day, I have a long string of text, actually a URL, it looks nice on all views except mobile, the text just breaks the paragraph Div and overflows the mobile screen. if I double click and make attempt to edit it, it breaks normally but when I click out, the text overflows again.

Here is my site Read-Only: [
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This is really urgent and I welcome any idea on how to solve this issue.

There are a few issues adding to the problem, but mostly it’s never going to fit because of the line. When reducing the screen size, the computer doesn’t know where to break the line because it is too long. This becomes more of a problem because you can’t really break the line anywhere for it to work correctly when copy/pasted.
Consider this, people setting this client service will (most likely) not be on their phones. Or you can try to explain where the line break are for the copy/pasters.

It is a real dilemma without any great solution.

The https you can make into a button if you want users to go to that site.

Thanks, but that link is for an installation in Linux, I don’t know if replacing it with a button would have any effect on the end user.
So, what if I, type all the characters manually and avoid that copy and paste, would that fix the issue.
It’s really a dilemma.

Another thought to consider.
If a user attempts to copy with a triple-click, the complete line is copied to the clipboard without interruption. This means, even though it doesn’t look okay, it will work if copied and pasted.