Tags as word cloud

Hello everyone,

i have a blog with various articles to which i have assigned tags (the classic).

i would now like to give the user the possibility to filter the articles according to individual tags. i would like to do this in a kind of word cloud. as in this example:

does anyone have an idea?

thanks and best regards

If the cloud contains constant items across all of the blogs then it’s just a finsweet CMS filter radio button list, generated from the CMS.

For the variation in font sizes, I’d likely score each tag word 1 to 5 in the CMS, and then use that with custom CSS and a custom attribute to style the range of weights.

  • Add a custom attribute to your text element of e.g. data-score = ( bound to your CMS 1-5 score field )
  • Write a custom CSS chunk which keys off of that, e.g. [data-score=1] { font-size: 0.7rem } and so on.