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Tabs misbehaving

I have 2 tabs which were working fine. Suddenly when you select tab1 the content for both tabs 1 and 2 is visible. If you select tab 2 only tab 2 content is visible.
I found this post related to a similar issue: [Resolved] Tabs not working

The solution was to build the tabs again…
as I said this was working fine yesterday and I haven’t touched it since

I’ve rebuilt it but the same issue is happening. This is really frustrating, it was finished and published and it’s broken on it’s own.

I’ve rebuilt it 3 times now and it keeps happening

Here’s my read only link to the issue:

I don’t think it’s a Webflow bug, most likely it’s how you’ve styled the Tabs element. it actually does what you’ve set it up for.

Widgets are composed of elements that are pre-styled. By giving them a class name and style them further, you’re at risk of breaking the widget.

So instead of styling Widget elements (Row, columns, slides or here Tab panes and tabs content, prefer putting a div inside and style that so you don’t end up breaking the structure.

Rebuild your tab element but this time don’t give classes to the tabs elements, as much as you can. Especially don’t change the Display and float properties of Widgets Elements.

I’ll try what you mention but the strange thing here is that it all worked as intended for 2 whole days before it broke with no one touching it.

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