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Tabs got changes after export code (solved)

Hello guys, I have 1 strange problem, hope u can hepl,
When I export my site one tab moved under another, insted of being located to the right from another. It looks like 2nd tab become “block” insted of “line block”.
Here is some screens + trouble link:

Thank u for your attention.

One nice guy helped me to solve this problem:
Max width of tabs was 466 px, that’s why second tab change its position.
Although I don’t know why it works fine in sub domain.

Hi @ForFood, the reason it may be showing different on the site hosted in Webflow, is that when a site is hosted in Webflow, we minify the html. In an exported site, we leave all the white space in the exported files, so the site is easy to modify and read the HTML and css etc. If you have this problem on your exported site, you can try to minify the entire contents of the page you are having the issue with, and minify all the html using this tool below:

Then save the resulting minified html to the original html file, and re-upload to your server and test to see, that might fix the issue for you as well. The extra white space may have caused the tabs to collapse.

Cheers, Dave