Tabs Bug | Not Displaying Content Evenly


I am currently experiencing an odd issue with a tabs folder on a clients website.

The ‘all recipes’ tab is fine and displays correctly, however when clicking on either ‘Meaty Treats’ of ‘Showing off’ they appear to have two black space where the CMS content should be.

I’m not sure if it’s related to the fact there are 6+ recipes in those categories but that’s the only pattern I can see…

Would appreciate any advice on this!


HI @dooka ,
can you share a read only link with us? And a screenshot of your problem?


Hello Maxi,

Please see the read link below:

Hi @dooka,
i cannot say how to solve this problem, yet. But i can say that it has something to do with your heading. Why? →


i think you mean “schnitzel” (it is written schnitzel in german :smiley: )–> breaded meat

Hello Maxi,

Thank you for having a look! It’s odd that it doesn’t seem to be happening on the all recipes section though…

Also the client we are working with doesn’t tends to use very ‘alternate’ spellings but i will raise this with him just to make sure.

Hi @dooka ,
yeah thats weird :thinking:

I am just saying it :sweat_smile: ,im german…


Following your advice I have been through a few different methods of isolating the problem…

I went through and changed all of the Headings into just plain text and applied the styles, to make sure its not an issue of it being a heading (oddly this corrected the issue on one of the pages)…

However the issue is still appearing on the showing off tab and it appears when I link the titles of the recipes to the CMS collection.

But then it now doesn’t happen on the meaty treats tab:

And thank you in terms of the schnitzel!

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Hi @dooka,
that is weird. I dont know what to try next.
@webdev do you have an advice / solution for this site?


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