Tablet Mode problems

Hi everyone,

I’m just learning how to use webflow, so forgive me if this is an obvious mistake.

I’ve designed the following site to be viewed in laptop, tablet and mobile landscape, but the only one that doesn’t work is the tablet. When opened in a tablet, the first section appears, but subsequent sections seem not to even exist.

Mobile works fine and laptop work fine, and even tablet mode designer works on the laptop, but not when opened on my ipad.


Here is my site Read-Only:

the link that you provide doesn’t seem to be working… please fix it so we can have a look

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Hey Liam,

Hope you’re well! @IVG is correct - your read-only link seems to be down at the moment. Can you either activate it (via the Designer, near the publish button) or share a new link?

Also, I checked out the published version of your website ( in the Chrome Developer Tools emulator, and all sections seem to appear as expected on the iPad breakpoint. I can try a different emulator/device on Browserstack. Can you share the specs of your iPad?

Hi everyone,

Here is the link:

One thing though, after publishing, everything showed up on my ipad just fine, so it’s only in designer mode that I’m having a problem.

The specs are an Ipad Air 2

I agree with @mattvaru - I do not see anything wrong with the site - perhaps you can try clearing cookies on your ipad and that may help also try to open it on another tablet and see if it happens as well…

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