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Tablet Landscaper - Hover interaction issue

Hi ,

I have some hover interactions for desktop site. click interactions for tablet (portrait) and mobile. However Tablet landscape displays desktop site which is causing issues wit the interactions.

Is there a way to solve without having to revert desktop Hover triggers to Click triggers (which kind on makes hover triggers obsolete?).

Icon top left has a hover interaction along with the 3 tabs on the edges

Open to any ideas / resolutions? @cyberdave @sabanna



Staging site -![12|690x424]
Here is my public share link:

Hello there.

I’m not gonna be super helpful here, but I’m gonna point you to a path that you should explore.

You should try to manually adjust the breakpoints. I’ve never done this, so I don’t know how you could do it.

The reason I’m saying this is because the screen width of a tablet in ‘landscape mode’ can trick your website into thinking it’s a desktop that is accessing it. I think you’ll be able to fix what you’re trying to do if you change the breakpoints sizes to a point where a tablet, even in landscape mode, will be recognized as a mobile device.

Have a good day, and good luck

Hi @Jeandcc,

Thanks for the suggestion. Already considered this route, however I don’t think this will work as the resolution of the Tablet landscape is equivalent / larger than the desktop 992px breakpoint and would have the opposite affect on desktop (potentially showing tablet view etc.

Let me know if I have crossed wires.


Well, what I thought you could do is get yourself a custom CSS code which you have a custom breakpoint for iPads in landscape mode. I’m sure that you could edit or at least insert a custom line of CSS into your page.

I’ll keep watching this post to see if anyone comes up with something

Hi @thinkrandom. I’ve got a similar issue. Did you receive any help with resolving this?

Hi @spincinconi,

No nothing yet. Still looking into options, please let me know if you come across a solution and I will do the same.



Oh ok. There’s something I want to try which I think might work… if not, will open a new thread. Will let you know if/when I find a solution. Cheers.