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Tablet interaction problem

I want to start out saying I’m not sure if I should post this here in bugs or in Interactions since I am not sure where the problem stems from.

On my site, there is a sidebar interaction with my menu that will close it. The desktop has 1 interaction for this and the tablet down version another to make sure it fits with the layout.

On every breakpoint, everything works fine. The issue occurs only when it comes to larger tablets. I’ve attached some videos of the issue bellow in action, but the best I can deduce The scale of the Ipad that is being used is big enough that it is pulling the desktop breakpoint for the display. I believe this because it is using that breakpoints menu.

On the desktop, the interaction is only triggered on the hamburger icon, while on mobile it is triggered all along the bar. From the testing that’s been done so far, it looks like the tablets layout is also triggering off the desktop breakpoint. So in theory since both the interaction and the layout match they should work.

It doesn’t unfortunately. The menu tries to close but pops open, while it’s interior content disappears (intended; for avoiding visual clipping). The main point of failure is when the menu goes to close the menus container springs back open.

(note this was on a friends tablet so there’s a limited amount I can do now)

If you got any ideas how I might address this issue or any questions let me know. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

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