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Interactions affects all devices / breakpoints. Is it possible not to?


I have applied menu trigger animations for all 5 of my menu items on my dropdown mobile portrait menu a while ago and it works a treat. Today my client asked for the menu trigger animations to be applied to the tablet portrait and mobile landscape modes also.

I duly applied the same interactions to the tablet portrait menu items but for some reason it applied them all to the menu items on desktop mode as-well which screws the whole menu up in so much as the menu items disappear completely as, obviously, it is an interaction for a menu trigger not a static menu.

Anyone had any instance of this before?

Site can be seen here…(without the menu trigger animations applied to tablet, only mobile portrait)

Only CSS rules can vary between devices/breakpoints.

Interactions are not CSS. So Interactions, when applied to an element, work for all devices/breakpoints.

You have 2 menus: one for mobile portrait only, and one for other devices breakpoints.

So that’s not a bug, what happens is what you’ve set, exactly. When you apply an interaction to a menu item within the ‘for mobile portrait only’ symbol, it affects only that. When you aply the same interaction to an item of the other symbol, it affects all the other devices expect mobile portrait.

Hi Vincent,

Sorry, yes, I totally forgot I’d made two different menus as I haven’t been on this site for a while. Well spotted.

I’ll have a think as to how best solve this problem.

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