Tablet body not visible on any website page - Solved


I can’t preview the body content in tablet size, neither in the designer mode nor live website:

Is this a known bug or how can I fix this?

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I found it!!!

I looked at every element, convinced that you have hit Display:None. But no.

Then I used X-ray mode (left hand icon bar, 4th from bottom) and it showed a big div over the page… in the Nav bar… specifically the Nav menu - which has a height of 100VH.

You’re welcome!

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You sir are a genius :slight_smile: The container of the navbar was set to 100VH, probably from a silly mistype.

Thank you so much!!


I’m just waiting for webflow to fix my CMS so i’ve spent the day solving problems… and it’s been fun.

(don’t forget to mark this one as solved!)


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