Tabbed info issue - mobile landscape

I have a tabs/mobile landscape query/behaviour i’m trying to solve. When I preview this in the mobile landscape view, and resize the window to mimic an actual mobile screen size, i’m experiencing some of the tabbed information disappearing behind the section beneath. (also showing when published)

I’m no webflow expert yet, and it’s stumped me if I have a flexbox/VH issue or need to look at z-index.

Any thoughts much appreciated! @NewInBoston and @Syndicate15 solved a similar/related issue yesterday

(click on ‘In Detail’ - then mobile landscape resize - the tabbed info bleeds behind the ‘open gallery’ section)

Thanks in advance

I’ll try to hop into it if I get a free moment today :slight_smile:

Thanks @Syndicate15 - just to update, i’ve also had some assistance from @Waldo and we have now solved it by ensuring (in mobile view):

Tabs pane style set to ‘auto height’
Tabs text style set to ‘auto height’

Thanks both!

Awesome glad you got it solved!

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