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Tab Interaction Help

Hi Everyone!

Running into a weird behavior with Tabs and interactions that are applied to those tabs.

Preview Link:

Staging Link:

This is occurring on the “what we do” page where you can tab through different lines of service (media, messaging, etc).

The issue I’m having is that when you first load the page the tabs are not reflecting the initial state that’s been setup in the interaction for each tab. Once you start to click on each tab and you go back through the tabs then the interaction starts to behave the way it is intended.

I’m missing something with the initial state, but I just can’t seem to figure out what needs to get changed.

Hopefully the issue makes sense. If you click around on tabs, I think you’ll see the issue I’m describing.

Any help would be super appreciated.

Thanks! Steve

Well… I feel like an idiot. On the “Tab out of view” animation I had the first group of animations set as the initial state which was overriding the intended initial state. Dumb mistake on my part :man_facepalming: