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Interaction Initial state issue understanding

Hey everyone,

I request your help since i’m having a problem regarding interaction and “Initial state”.

On my product page I created a description of the product divided into different tabs .

  • About
  • Ref
  • Material

Every subsection of the whole description can be opened in order to read its corresponding information. Things are pretty well working together : when I click on a tab, the others are closing.

The last step was to set an initial state, because I don’t want all the tabs to be opened when the page is loaded, but only the first one. So I selected this first tab and I set all the interactions to initial states. When the page is loaded everything looks good but, except that, the first tab is not responding anymore …

There’s gotta be something I’m doing wrong.
Can someone give me a hand on it ?

Thank you !

The share link for you to see :

You’ve set the initial state of the OPEN ABOUT interaction, but you still need to set the end state so it works when you’re coming from another tab. Basically you just need to highlight all the initial states, right click and duplicate. Done.

Thank you very much for your help ! It works well :grinning:

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