Syntax for Dynamic Custom Data Attribute

I am setting up a plugin called UniFilter that allows me to sort CMS collection list items similarly to MixItUp as posted by @sabanna. The features in UniFilter were a bit easier to add to my site and understand, and I like the simplicity and look of their demo.

I’ve run into the problem, however, that I cannot set dynamic custom data attributes using data from the CMS collection. For example, I want users to be able to filter search results to see only farms with crops or livestock. That data is stored in the CMS collection, but how do I get it into the HTML custom data attribute tag element?

For example,
where “dynamic-value” is a dynamic value that could be “crops” or “livestock” depending on the list item. I tried a simple syntax of $dynamic-value but that didn’t work.

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Any solution here? Just got to the same point