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Using the MixItUp plugin and CMS together

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use the MixItUp plugin and the CMS to sort collection items. I cannot see how it is possible as I would need the ability to assign classes dynamically to the dynamic list item.

I can assign classes dynamically to objects inside the dynamic list item using an HTML Embed. However, for the MixItUp plugin to work the class would need to be assigned to the dynamic list item and not within the dynamic list item.

Can anyone help or has anyone encountered this issue already? Maybe this would be a good wish-list item.

Custom Attributes

And also, the ability to assign custom attributes dynamically using an “add field” drop down like the dynamic html embed.

Here is my current unfinished website -
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Thanks in advance!

Hello, @Diarmuid_Sexton

I am not absolutely sure how to add custom attribute, but here is a code snippet, which has been used by one of the users, who managed to apply Isotope filtering plugin to dynamic content:

jQuery('.w-dyn-item .category-name').each(
  function(index, element) {
    var _this = jQuery(element);

This code will dynamically create classes from the “Category name” field.

Hope it can be useful.


Thanks Sabanna - I’ll try work that out and give it a shot. I’ll let you know how I get on! Thanks very much for your help and time

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