Sync audio file with Lottie animation

Hi there
I’ve created an animated Christmas card using a Lottie animation and the Slider. Each slide moves the single Lottie animation to a different time stamp, and it works ok. I’d really like to add some sound effects to it, so do you know if there’s any way of syncing an audio file, that can also be controlled by the slider using custom animations? Ideally it would do the same as the Lottie file - time stamp at different places so it’s just one file to load rather than having 24 separate audio files.

I’m really keen to use this platform to create interactive picture books, but really need to get the audio working to bring them to life.

Here’s a preview of the project so far:

Thanks in advance


Wow @Niki_Forecast, that is a cool website/Christmas card you’ve created. So you can do what you need using webflow, however, you will need to host your mp3 or other audio files somewhere else. Webflow doesn’t allow you to upload mp3 files. So you will need a source link to play your audio files, then trigger them by clicking your slider arrows using jquery. It is a bit complicated but I think it is doable.