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Symbol – Override Background Image

I created a symbol that contains a background image, headline, and body text – with the intention of being able to reuse and override all 3 pieces of content. I have no problem with setting up the headline and body text to be overridden, but overriding the background image doesn’t seem to be supported.

How do I keep this visual layout and set up the symbol to allow for the image to be replaced?


According to the university…

Eligible element types for override fields - You can create overrides for the following types of elements:

  • Text fields (e.g. paragraphs, headers)
  • Image elements
  • Video elements
  • Links (buttons, link blocks)
  • Rich text elements

Future support for style overrides is under development.

@webdev Thanks for the quick reply! That’s definitely a bummer, sounds like I’m going to have to manage this manually and cannot use a symbol.

Hopefully, Webflow sees the value of this and will support this soon :slight_smile:

You could use an inline Image element and set the Fit property to “Cover” with the width and height set to 100% inside of a parent div with a fixed height instead of using a background image.


@Ryan_Power This is great! Thanks for the suggestion.