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Switch button in navbar – how to get state?

I have a navbar with a button that can swap between languages.

If I click on “fr” it hides it, and show “en” (and vice versa)
(at the same time I use a custom code – from angro – that shows only the desired language)
It works fine.

When I change pages, the state of the toggle (the choice “fr” or “en”), returns to the inicial state of the symbol.
How can I tell the button on the new page what language was chosen before (on the parent page)?

Thank you in advance

The link to the work in progress:

I did a workaround – just realised that the language choice is stored on browser and it is only showing the active language. So, I did two buttons in a div with both languages in it – knowing that only the active language would show :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m sure it’s not the right way and it doesn’t work completely - does anyone knows how to help?