SVGs are disappearing and not responding to colour settings

I have multiple SVG embeds in my site, mainly in the navigation menu and the 1st section of my home page. They were all working fine yesterday, with a currentColor property attached so I could change the colours as the section scrolled in or out of view.

Today, the logo kept disappearing and the phone icon will only turn white in one of two of its components, the circle outline, not the phone drawing. All of my icons that I can’t get to work are stuck on black, not #333 or white like I want them to be, including my social media icons. I’m debating whether to just stick to PNGs because each time I solve a problem, a new one pops up.

All of my icons were traced in Illustrator and I pull the code directly from there, not an online tool. So they SHOULD be ‘real’ SVGs, I heard people were having trouble with those.

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