SVG size problem (and dementia...)

Hi Guys - this is extra annoying, as I have solved this problem once already… but can’t remember how I did it.

The original site I inherited uses a nifty, dynamic SVG logo that changes colour depending on page.

The original challenge was to create a near duplicate site, but with a different logo - took me ages to figure out how to do this as whenever I exported the SVG code from Illustrator, it was too long - somehow, I managed to figure it out… but embarrassingly, can’t remember how.

I have linked to both of these sites below.

I am now in the position of creating a third site which will replace both of these, as has a new logo (see below). I’ve encountered the same problem in that when I used Illustrator to access the SVG code it’s way over the 10,000 character limit - it also appears more complex in terms of code than the versions that have been successfully implemented. I have the EPS file and have been using Illustrator to access the SVG… perhaps this is where I’m going wrong…

Any thoughts greatly appreciated guys…

Original site Webflow - GSAIS

Site where I successfully changed the logo