Support for larger/custom media queries/breakpoints

Hi, I was wondering when support for 1200px “Large Screen” media query will be available.
I see from some forum discussions it has been planned for quite a while.

Ive been using the “hack” which was posted which works ok to an extent but it doesn´t give overall control.

Any time frame relating to this being included.

  • Yes, I really need this feature!
  • No, I feel that this is not as important as other items on the wishlist.

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We’re actually reworking our canvas/UI to make it possible to have 1200px media query. The problem is that 1200px+sidebar won’t fit on most monitors, so we have to make the canvas more fluid. Thanks for your patience!


If there’s one thing I’m patient about, it’s the media queries. I have intensively worked with the other softwares, macaw, Edge Reflow etc, I even have some beta of upcoming softwares. ALL of them struggle with breakpoints. You set something, change breakpoint, set something else, go back, and it’s already broken. All the time. In Webflow, I NEVER had such a maddening behavior/bug, not once! Either you’re very good at coding and at bringing solid features, or the others are bad. I can’t call Adobe’s worker bad, so I’ll go with Webflow really knowing what they do.

Even with Webflow, making static websites is a long process, lot’s of work, so please keep making the media queries management flawless. It would be an absolute nightmare if it was bugging a bit.


Yes please :smile:

It would be great to have the large screen option as well.

hey @thesergie, do you guys have hard data that tells you that most people have small monitors with low resolution? I have none, but literally everybody i know that i have seen there computer setups have either at least a 1200+ pixel monitor all the way up to 1080 monitors, with 1440 being a pretty common standard amongst my friends. It’s probably been over 5 years since i have had anything smaller than that myself, but my evidence is obviously anecdotal :smile:

Yes please, 1200px large screen media query. I’ve been getting comments from our team about the designs not filling out the page as they are stopping at 940. Bring it on.

Also even on my 13" laptop i’m never on anything less than 1440, and normally work on the 27" screen at a higher resolution.

Keen to be an early adopter of this feature, even if it means code refactoring.

Can’t wait till we get this :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this? desperately need 1200px width for large screens.

Any news on this topic? I would like having the option of an additional media querie/breakingpoint for larger screens.

thank you in advance

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I’d love to see this too, as we see a lot of our users on 27" iMacs.

Just learning Webflow, but liking it a lot so far.


It will be really great to have 1200px container width! I only have question about the 960px pages and what will happen with them after release of 1200px width? Are they going to update automatically to fit 1200px width?
Thank you for your answer in advance! I hope that 1200px width pages will be announced really soon!

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Hey @Mat PixelGeek Can you guys share a step by step on how to get the full width container with the max 100% thing you were talking about in the video?

Thanks guys for the chat and answering all our questions!

  1. Just add a DIV block to your page

  2. Set the width to 1200px

  3. Set the max-width to 100%

  4. Set margin: 0 auto;


I think you can also just set the max width to what ever pixel level you want. That is what I do and haven’t had any issues. Also Make sure to center the div.

Thanks guys, is there anything special about a container other than the centering and the width that isn’t part of a default div?

You should also set Margin: 0 auto (left and right margins set to auto) to center the Div Container.

can someone tell me how to get the navbar to also span full-width inside of the div? no matter what i do it doesn’t seem to fill the entire div even when the inside container is removed.


If you search the forum you can find most answers, here you go Responsive full width navigation - #2 by sabanna - General - Forum | Webflow

i already found that thread before asking my question. i did that and it did not work for me.

edit: maybe i am just not understanding. do you mind explaining it to me again step by step? my understanding is i needed to move navbar items out of the container which i did.

edit again lol: i figured out the issue. thanks.

Link broken…