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Suggestion for speed typing for foreign languages keyboards

Hey guys,

Still don’t know if it is just me or just the portuguese keyboard on webflow but I need to type very fast to make an accent ( portuguese has a lot of ). Sometimes when I need to make the letter uppercase with accent is even more difficult.

Example: The word " é " means " is " in english, really common word. So I need to type " ’ " plus " e ", and if it is uppercase with shift hold.

Would be great if the speed between the types to make the accent is lower.


I have the same problem, and only the acute (/-shaped) accent doesn’t works. And like Daniel_Sun said, the word " é " is a really common word.
How fix this, looks like a charset bug, but i’m not sure, because the others accents ( ~ ` ^ ) are OK.

Thanks for pointing this out @Daniel_Sun. We’ll look into why this may be happening.