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Subway Sandwich type of ordering

Hey guys!

Does anyone know a plugin or template, which allows you to make a shop like the one in the attached picture.
mock design:
I want my customers to be able to choose from a number of options in a number of categories and have a “live price calculator” at the bottom, reacting to the options they pick.
It would be structured similarly to these kinds of “product filters” where you can choose a color, price range, etc. but then instead of “show products” there would be a “buy” button

I don’t want my customers to choose a product and then choose some additional options (like size etc)
I want them to almost like “customize a package”.
The experience should be like at Subway for example:
Choose your bread, choose your meat,…, choose your sauce → and then you end up with your “own sandwich”.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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