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Submenu 100% Full Width setting

Hi, I am so fresh using Webflow. Some issues happen from my project. Could anyone can help me?

I would do a navigation bar like the following website.

  1. On mouse the navigation item can show the submenu, when mouse out, the submenu will fold it back.
  2. Set the submenu to 100% full width.
  3. Can show the current tab style, when on mouse.
    The sample as below link:

Should I use the suitable tools to meet our requirement? (Tabs or Drop Down) or build it not using tabs or Drop down? I try to use div block for the navigation items, but it can’t show the current status.

Could you guys can help? Thanks!!!

The easiest way to do that is to put dropdown menus in your nav bar then style the dropdown container to be the size you want, in this case 100%vw and however high you want it. Then you can add links as you like and style it just like any other div.

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Dear Dink~

I have tried to put the dropdown menus in my nav bar that can not set to 100% width, it must set the actually pixel size. (I would like the submenus are the auto 100% width.) Did I get the right directly or something wrong? Could provide some example or link to take a look? Thanks!

Can you post your public link please? How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Feel free to take a look my share link:

Could I do the same thing as that reference link below? (100% width + can keep the current on mouse status for the navigation bar)


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