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Full Width Submenu Navigation

Hi, I am the beginner using Webflow. Some issues happen from my project. Could anyone can help me?

I would do a navigation bar like the following website.

  1. On mouse the navigation item can show the submenu, when mouse out, the submenu will fold it back.
  2. Set the submenu to 100% full width.
  3. Can show the current tab style, when on mouse.
    The sample as below link:

Should I use the suitable tools to meet our requirement? (Tabs or Drop Down) or build it not using tabs or Drop down? I try to use div block for the navigation items, but it can’t show the current status.

Could you guys can help? Thanks!!!

Hi @aesoppang, if it is possible for your to share the read-only link to your site, it will be easier to see how it is setup currently and what need to be changed. Take a peek here:

Thanks in advance!

Dear Dave,

I am so glad to have feedback. :slight_smile:

Please see my share link as below:

Thank you very much!!!

Dear Dave,

Still waiting for your feedback. Is it any problems? May I know the status?


Dear Dave,

May I have your reply for the update status? I am still waiting for your reply. Thanks!!

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