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Sub menu not opening on mobile

Hi all, on our site (linked below), we have a sub-menu under “Services”.

This works fine on a laptop as you can scroll over the menu and it drops down.

On mobile though, there is no way to open the menu without clicking on the “Services” option in the menu, which then takes you through to the services page, meaning no one can access those pages on mobile.

When you click on the services option, you can see that the sub-menu opens up, but there is no opportunity to click on the sub-options as you get linked straight through to Services page.

Saw a couple of posts about similar topics from a while ago where people were having the issue, but couldn’t find a resolution. Hoping there is one now!!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Connor,

A solution for this could be 2 dropdowns for this menu:

  • One for desktop where you can open on hover, hidden on mobile.
  • Another for mobile that opens only on click, hidden on desktop.

Worked wonders! Thanks for the help.

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